Introducing Next Dev Agency, Drop-in Next.js services

Cleaning your Next.js Codebase

Cleaning your code, detecting and fixing inefficiencies, schooling your workers remotely and upgrading to Next.js 13.

❌ The problems

  • You maintain a Next.js codebase that became too complex
  • You'd like to upgrade to Next.js 13, but want to save hours of trial and error
  • You have a team of juniors and want them to learn Next.js 13 the right way

✅ Our solutions

  • We refactor and fix your Next.js codebase with clean and efficient code
  • We upgrade you to Next.js 13, tailored to your project for max performance
  • We school your workers in Next.js 13, tailored to your project for max turnover
In other words

You need someone to steer your Next.js ship into the right direction

Let's get started 🤝
How does it work?

We're agile because we understand your time is valuable 🚀

Free Discovery call

We get to know each other in a 15-30 minute meeting and discuss your requirements.

We send you an offer

From the input of the discovery call, we will send you a personalised offer to elevate your Next.js codebase.

We do our magic

After we sign an NDA and you accept our offer, you grant us access to your codebase and let us do our magic.

You get amazing results

You will get the first, if not all results within 72 hours from you accepting the offer.

We make sure the same mistakes don't happen again

By commenting your code, documenting our optimizations and schooling your team.


🛠️  Fix a bug

We fix the nasty bug you always wanted fixed




  • Bug fixed or money back
  • Next.js Codebase of any size
  • Bug fix report to help your team prevent it next time
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🧹  Refactor your code

We refactor and clean your Next.js codebase




  • For up to 50k LOC codebase1
  • Up to 1.5k new LOC2
  • 2h schooling of your team included
Free Discovery Call

✨  Upgrade to Next.js 13

We upgrade you to Next.js 13 App Router




  • For up to 50k LOC codebase1
  • Up to 3k new LOC2
  • 3h schooling of your team included
Free Discovery Call
All plans include a money-back-guarantee and first-class support
  1. 1 We only count application code, so no node_modules or config files. For >50k codebases contact us
  2. 2 Alongside with plenty of removed lines for dead or replaced (old) code
In case things are still unclear

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